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We called Brian because we were uncertain if a tree was threatening our house or not. Not only did he come out right away to assess it (after a long day at another big job) but he had a quick answer (yes) and a quick solution (retention bands). But - he didn't have any, so he went to buy some and came back. When I thanked him for his extraordinary service to protect the house and make us feel better about the whole situation, his response was that he was blessed to be working and was happy to do it. Starting out from that point, they also moved us up in their schedule and came by to take down the tree in the midst of their other big project. Carving off time and people to protect us and our house from damage was truly appreciated. And that was all before the work they did for us, which was quick, complete, clean, and thorough. They planned out the removal, made sure that we were OK with the plan, protected the sprinkler heads and left the lawn intact and whole even though they used a bucket truck to get it done quickly and safely. Their competence, professionalism, and attention to detail were much appreciated!!

— David W.

Brian and his crew provided Amazing Service! This tree had been looming over my house and my neighbor's and I was concerned that it would split and cause property damage to one or both of our houses. Because of the location of the tree this, to me, was a very dangerous removal. Brian and his team were able to remove the tree and I no longer have to be concerned about this tree.

— Andrew H. 
Brian and his team are amazing. When others wouldn't climb up and remove my tall trees Brian and his team happily accepted the challenge. They are fearless and cautious at the same time. They are nice guys and I recommend them to anyone.

— James M.
Co-founders, Brian and Tanner, took terrific care to remove three 90+ foot oak trees in what was a tight corner of our yard.  They were exceptional at the removal and worked hard.  They divided the wood into a firewood stash and removed the rest as I needed. The clean up at the end of the job was thoughtful - yard not only raked, but sawdust was blown off the patio areas and they filled the ground indentations from the work with top soil and seed. Personable guys!

— Sondra N.
They were professional and personable. Very knowledgeable and helped answer all my questions in a timely manner. Communicated well throughout the process. Highly recommend them. Will be using them again in the future and already referred friends and family to use their services.

— Stephanie
Brian and his crew were fantastic to work with.  They removed 4 trees from my yard including stump removal, rock and pavers removed, and the job was completed inside of two weeks. Responsive, respectful, and would absolutely use them again.

— Megan R.

I had a large cottonwood tree in my backyard that began to die. With any good breeze branches would fall down. These started small and recently began to get larger (up to 8 inch in diameter). I called The Tree Service and Brian promptly arrived and evaluated the situation. He pointed out several defects in the tree that I had not noticed before. Because my kids play in my backyard and the tree had some larger dead branches, Brian provided an emergency removal at a price far below other companies normal cost. I am very grateful to not have to worry about the safety of my children because of the tree anymore. Brian and The Tree Service provide outstanding results and service!

— Shaun S. 

I had the guys out from The Tree Service today.  They were quick, friendly and cleaned up.

— Tanya H.
The Tree Service LLC, Tree Service, Des Moines, IA